The Poodle!

Here I am again, still waiting to be rescued, but in the meantime I found something called “Safari” on the ogre’s computer and I’ve been on an expedition all around the world, and I’ve noticed that everyone is obsessed with a new ogre called Trump. From what I can gather, Trump is a poodle, with great hair, …

I Met An Alien

…..on Sheringham beach, and while I was there, a nice man from the local council commissioned me to paint some murals on the sea wall. I even managed to leave a few clues regarding my predicament……what do you think?

I met a Sea Monster!

……Not really, I’ve been brushing up on my Photoshop skills. That’s Sally the sea-ogre, who I always thought would make a lovely wife for my ogre, but it would never work out, because she needs a firm hand, and he has limp wrists. I’ve been playing with this contraption while the ogre’s out and today […]

Little Bear

Mummy always called me her “Little Bear” and today I answered the question concerning bears, woods and number twos – Yes they do!

I Built a Sandcastle!

…..On Sheringham Beach, in the freezing cold! did you notice? he forgot my coat. We’re off out now for another bloody walk! seems I have to earn my supper! You’ll all get the next instalment next weekend – I’ve got into his emails and I’ve been having a lot of fun. Tell you all about …


At last! it’s taken me a week to get this site up and running – a week of snuggling up on his lap and pretending to need a cuddle,  when all the time I’ve been secretly stealing his passwords and watching how he uses this contraption (who knew there were so many sites dedicated to naked wrestling!) […]